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Players Tour Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get invited to the MN PGA Junior Golf Association Players' Tour?
The Players’ Tour is an invitational program in which the Minnesota PGA Junior Golf Committee determines eligibility requirements.  It is open to boys and girls ages 13–19.  Juniors who have reached their 19th birthday prior to September 1, 2017 are eligible only if they have immediately finished their senior year of high school.  Invites are sent out to junior’s based on their average score to par using their top three scores in our programs from 2016. 

Invitations will be extended in waves for juniors this year.  Juniors that will receive an invite in the first wave will include boys with a scoring average to par of 4.33 or less and girls with a scoring average to par of 10.33 or less. (First wave invites will be emailed out on Wednesday, February 15th)

If you do not receive an invitation to the 2017 Players' Tour after all of the waves have been sent out you must wait until after March 17, 2017. If there are still open spots available at this time you may submit a cover letter and resume of participation and scores explaining why you should be considered for the 2017 Players' Tour.

Since my Players' Tour membership includes a Junior Tour membership, how do I sign up for Junior Tour events?
NOTE: Only juniors that are ages 18 and Under as of September 1, 2017 will also be eligible for a Junior Tour membership. Since you are a member of both the Players' Tour and the Junior Tour you will not be allowed to participate in the Tournament Selection Process for events. You will be able to register for events that still have openings after the Tournament Selection Process has already taken place and are open again for online registration. You may also try to play in Junior Tour events as a walk-on or call the office to be put on the waiting list for an event.

Will I be able to check my scores and tournament pairings online?
Yes, you will be able to check your scores, series point standings, tee times and results all from your computer by signing into your MN PGA Junior Players Club account. You can access this by logging on to and logging into the MN PGA Junior Players Club account with your ID and password. All of the information for points and results will also be available on at the top of the website under the Players Tour link.

How do I withdraw from a Players' Tour tournament?
All cancellations from events must be submitted online by accessing your account with your Players Club ID and Password from our home page or by calling the office at 763-754-6641. You need to do this even if it is the day of the event. It is very important that you let us know if you cannot make it to an event in your Series. It reflects poorly upon us if we have an event at a course and there are twenty juniors who no show. There will be NO refunds distributed if a junior misses an event in his/her series. If you are a no show at any event in the Players' Tour you will no longer be eligible for Series Champion or Player of the Year.

I filled out the form to play in an event outside of the series that I am registered into, how do I know that I got accepted into the event(s)?
You will receive an event confirmation email to the primary email address that you have listed in your online MN PGA Junior Players Club account. This will most likely happen about a week or less before the date of the event you are trying to play in.

How do I qualify for the Players' Tour Tournament of Champions?
Juniors participating in the Players' Tour are eligible to earn an invitation to play in the end of the year event, the Players' Tour Tournament of Champions. This tournament will be a two-day, 36-hole event that will take place at Whitebirch Course and Deacon's Lodge GC on August 9th & August 10th. Invitations will be extended to the top 20 Boys and 7 Girls in each individual Series points OR any junior who has won a 2017 Players' Tour Series event.

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