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Minnesota PGA Junior Golf Association
Providing Playing Opportunities for junior golfers
Spectator Guidelines
The Minnesota PGA Junior Golf Association encourages spectators and parents to attend events and requires spectators and parents attending to conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Spectating is a privilege, not a right.

Parents/spectators will need to stay on cart paths. In the absence of cart paths, we ask that parents/spectators stay in the rough. Please stay off fairways, tees, and greens. Parents/spectators may not interact with participants and should remain at least 25 yards away from the competitors they are following. We recommend that all spectators/parents stay one shot ahead of the group they are watching. This allows spectators to follow errant shots and help identify where the golf ball comes to rest. Parents/spectators should not interfere with any group advancing from behind, nor should they converse with any competitor.

Parents/spectators CAN do the following:
  • Walk only on the cart paths (walk in the rough when cart paths are not available)
  • Carry an umbrella, food, drink, medicine, etc… for your child. If the competitor needs any of the following these can be obtained BETWEEN play of holes, not during play.
  • Forecaddie and help your child and other players search for a golf ball
The following actions are UNACCEPTABLE from a parent/spectator:
  • Verbally abusing or belittling players for any reason
  • Yelling and/or cursing at players/officials/golf course staff
  • Hand signals/gestures (These are considered advice!)
  • Interfering with players/officials/golf course staff while in the scoring area
  • Giving rulings to juniors on the golf course (too often the information is incorrect)
  • Interfering with any player’s opportunity to compete fairly and fun while playing the game of golf
Interaction with competitors will be considered the giving of advice (Rule 8-1) and will result in automatic disqualification for the competitor.

The "little league mentality" that has made its way into this game will not be tolerated. Allowing spectators at Minnesota PGA Junior Golf Association events is a privilege. We do not want to ban parents/spectators from our events but will if this is what it takes to make the experience more enjoyable for all. Failure to abide by the above guidelines will result in loss of privileges.

Many of you do a great job of following our parent/spectator policy and we thank you for doing this. We hope ALL of you will assist us in emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship, integrity, camaraderie, and most of all FUN while attending our events.
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