Abigail Labrador
Andrew Lieu
Danica Hager
 Jackson Fogelson
Gabriella Geer
Kenley Cole
Nolan Kucera

We had a stellar turn-out for our Minny and Prep Tour Championships on Monday, August 17 at Lafayette Club in Minnetonka Beach, Minn. This 9-hole event placed each tour into groups of boys and girls ages 7-9 and 10-12.

The winners of each category are as follows:

Prep Tour Girls 10-12: Abigail Labrador (Albertville)
Prep Tour Boys 10-12: Andrew Lieu (Edina)
Prep Tour Girls 7-9: Danica Hager (Owatonna)
Prep Tour Boys 7-9: Jackson Fogelson (Bemidji)

Minny Tour Girls 10-12: Gabriella Geer (Edina)
Minny Tour Boys 10-12: Adam Thao (St. Paul) – Not Pictured
Minny Tour Girls 7-9: Kenley Cole (New Richmond, WI)
Minny Tour Boys 7-9: Nolan Kucera (Sleepy Eye)

Full Results for Minny Tour

Full Results for Prep Tour