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*Check out the Players Tour FAQ at the bottom of the page for any questions*

The Players Tour is an invitational program where the Minnesota PGA Junior Golf Committee and staff determines eligibility requirements. This is open to boys and girls ages 13-19. Juniors who have reached their 19th birthday prior to September 1, 2023 are eligible only if they have immediately finished their senior year of high school. The goal of the Players Tour is to have the top junior golfers in the Section compete on golf courses set up appropriately for a high level of play. The Players Tour will now offer all 36-hole individual stroke play tournaments. All Players Tour events are nationally ranked by Junior Golf Scoreboard, as well as recognized by AJGA Performance Based Entry stars in these collegiate style events. These tour events will allow all boys and girls to showcase their talent in an elite overall boy and girls contest (no age divisions). This tour is meant for highly skilled players with tournament experience. Course yardages will be approximately 6,600 – 6,900 for boys and 5,600 – 5,900 for girls. Each 36-hole Players Tour Event has an entry fee of $150.00. The annual membership fee for the Players Tour is $150.00.


Who is invited to play on the 2022 Players Tour:

  1. Players Tour invites are being sent out based on your average score to par using your best three 18-hole scores from our program in 2021. To receive an invite in 2022, junior boys had a scoring average to par of 7.00 or less and junior girls had a scoring average to par of 16.00 or less. CLICK HERE to check out the junior boys invite list and CLICK HERE to check out the junior girls invite list based on your scoring average to par from 2021.
  2. If you did not receive an invite based on your average score to par in 2021 you might be able to play based on your handicap index under the World Handicap System. Boys must have a handicap index of 7.0 or less and girls must be 16.0 or less qualify for the Players Tour. If you meet the above handicap requirements, contact Karla Hagen at the Section office to verify your handicap and make you eligible to register for the Players Tour Membership. You can email her at and please make sure your email includes: first and last name, city, GHIN number and handicap index to get verified.
  3. Membership registration for the 2022 Players Tour will start on Wednesday, February 2 at 10AM. The membership fee for the Players Tour is $150.00 (includes a Junior Tour Membership). You will click on the Become a Member link at the top of the website to get registered for a membership at that time.




The Players Tour membership fee is $150.00. The fee includes a Players Tour membership, a Junior Tour membership, access to sign up for the Players Tour 36-hole events, a special Players Tour membership package and an upgraded tournament experience at each event. You will receive the membership package at one of the first events in your series.

The 2022 Member Login is located at the top of our website in the right hand corner. You will use your ID/Password to log into your own member account here. You will log into your member account to register for events. This is the easiest way to register for multiple events at once.

Juniors who wish to cancel out of the Players Tour program must do so seven (7) days prior to the start of season. The first Players Tour event starts on Monday, June 13 so a junior will need to cancel their Players Tour Membership by Monday, June 6 to receive a partial refund.  A $25.00 processing fee will be deducted from ALL membership refunds.

For our events to provide better value to you, we offer 36-hole events. To supply your score to the AJGA Performance Stars and the Junior Golf Scoreboard, our events must be 36-holes and played to a certain yardage. These scores are looked at by collegiate coaches for recruiting purposes as well as elite playing programs.

The 2022 Players Tour schedule will be released on our website on Monday, February 28. 2022 Players Tour members may select to participate in any of the Players Tour events listed on the 2022 Players Tour schedule. We will begin first come, first serve registration for all Players Tour events on Monday, March 7 at NOON CST. You must first be a member of the 2022 Players Tour to register for events. To register for events you will log into your 2022 Member account. Events will fill fast and you should register right away at NOON on Monday, March 7. Last year events filled up in minutes!

The cost per each 36-hole event will be $150.

We DO NOT allow walk-ons at any events. Juniors have to be listed in the pairings in order to play in the event.

Your membership for the Players Tour does include a Junior Tour membership. You CAN fill out selections for the tournament selection process. The Junior Tour schedule will be released on Monday, March 21 at 9AM and you will have until the lottery deadline of Friday, April 29 at 4:30 p.m. to make your selections for the Junior Tour events.

Memberships to the Players Tour are invite-only. Invites are sent out based on the juniors average score to par using the juniors top three scores from our program the previous year or a certain handicap requirement. To receive an invite in 2022, junior boys had a scoring average to par of 7.00 or less and junior girls had a scoring average to par of 16.00 or less. Boys must have a handicap index of 7.0 or less and girls must be 16.0 or less qualify for the Players Tour.

All cancellations from Players Tour events must be submitted online through your BlueGolf account or by calling the office at 763-754-6641. A refund will be made ONLY if the MN PGA Junior Golf ‘Sota Series is notified at least five (5) days in advance of the date of the event by 11:59 p.m. CST

You will receive a full refund minus a $20.00 processing fee for the cancel of a 36-hole event. If it is less than five days before the date of the event NO refunds will be given.

Once a Players Tour event fills there will be a certain amount of waiting list spots. You will sign up for the waiting list through BlueGolf in the event. If a spot does open up for you off the waiting list we will contact you by email. This is a great way to get into events if you do not get a spot initially! We always have juniors cancelling out ahead of time and we go right off the waiting list for any open spots.

We will contact you by your primary email address if you do receive a spot in the event. The only way spots will open up in events is by other juniors cancelling. DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL the office to ask where you are on the waiting list.  Spots might open up weeks in advance or we might be contacting you right up to the day before the event.

This is an Invite-only event for the top boys/girls in Players Tour Players of the Year points and any junior that wins a 2022 Players Tour Event. Top 40 Boys on the Players Tour Player of the Year points list will receive an invite and Top 20 Girls on the Player of the Year points list will receive an invite. These will be emailed out after the last 36-hole Players Tour event.